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LexaTrade Review

Bonus programs, low spreads, 0% commission, multi-language call center. This means that when you open an account with $5,000 dollars, we will add to your account another $1,500 dollars. Trade and invest freely from anywhere on the planet with LexaTrade online platform using the high-tech functionality, speed, and profitability of the terminal. Caring for our clients, our company makes every effort to optimize the trading processes and services provided. For your convenient and effective trading, we have developed and implemented a new online platform. Use all the capabilities of the terminal and make profit with minimal risks.

Are there fake trading websites?

Fake and unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges scam potential victims by posing as legitimate exchanges. Scam exchanges often lure users with a celebrity endorsement, unsolicited phone calls, or emails promising extraordinary returns on investments.

Reviews are updated regularly to ensure that every trader has the most up-to-date information before making a choice. LexaTrade customer support is very impressive as it offers full-time support with 24/7 operating hours. The broker can be reached through multiple channels, including phone line and email. The support team is problem-solving and responds quickly, so the overall communication with the team was great. Hope the above information is enough to know the basics of LexaTarde, account types, its services, fees and referral program.

LexaTrade Withdrawal

Instead of falling for the LexaTrade scam, we recommend you to start with a more trusted platform like InvestFW. Yes, LexaTrade is a scam broker as it is not regulated by any top tier regulatory watchdog. However, it claims to hold a license from the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC). Despite this, it is an off-shore broker restricted to operate in the US and Europe. As per LexaTrade conditions, if the referred client makes a deposit between $500 to $10,000, then 50% of it will be the referral bonus. LexaTrade has a referral program in which affiliates receive up to 50% of the deposit amount as a bonus.

  • For us, the elephant in the room when visiting lexatrade.com is how clunky the language is there.
  • The charges are comparatively higher than the platform we have reviewed so far.
  • The company charges a service charge of 5% if users make less than 5 independent transactions.
  • The data contained in this website may not be real-time and accurate.

However, the translation itself is shoddy, so the website ends up looking unprofessional. Lexatrade is new forex and CFDs brokerage https://investmentsanalysis.info/ that primarily operates in Europe. It opened just earlier this year and has attracted a good bit of attention as such.


It’s a non-commercial organization that regulates about 60 brokerages. However, it’s apparent that it’s much less limiting than even the more lenient country-based regulators. Unfortunately, when a broker looks like it’s a rushed project, it’s often a scam.

LexaTrade Review

One more significant concern is that the broker locks the MT4 platform behind the more expensive account types. The setup itself is tried and true and is one of the most common ways for brokers to structure their accounts. LexaTrade Review It allows them the greatest reach, as the primary concern with the accounts is budget rather than trading style. That means the accounts suit most strategies, and as such, can attract diverse groups of traders.

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There is no solid information about the founder of LexaTrade and its parent company. A series of educational resources is available at LexaTrade, such as economic calendar, expiry date of futures, trading hours, compound interest calculator, etcetera. LexaTrade is an offshore broker registered in Saint Vincent and Grenadines, currently has no any regulations. So there’s the argument that some regulation is better than none, and that does hold up.

Yes, the broker offers trading services across the globe with a focus on countries like India, South Africa and most of Asian countries. The broker has a low user rating of 2.1, which clearly shows the platform’s low credibility. While looking for the platform on Trustpilot, we went through many complaints, which indicate LexaTrade is a scam. In order to attract more traders on the platform, LexaTrade often starts promotions. There is not a single complaint regarding the same, so, we can rate it good in this case.

Who Is Lexatrade Owner?

In our Lexatrade review, we’ll look at how beneficial it is for customers compared to other options. The best way to recover your money from LexaTrade is to contact their customer support. If that doesn’t help raise a complaint against the platform with its regulatory watchdog i.e IFMRRC. The education centre includes video courses and E-books, while the questionnaire section offers all the questions related to customer’s feedback on the platform.

LexaTrade Review

There is no mention of an inactivity fee but we cannot guarantee that you won’t be charged one. Live chat support was available at the time of our visit but a bit slow to answer. The Gold account comes with the web version of MT4, while Platinum and VIP accounts give you access to the full MT4 client. On our website, you can see that some users have reported scams. We aren’t the biggest fan of the huge jumps between the sums you need for different account types. However, that’s a minor complaint, as what you get for each account is actually pretty fair for the price point.

Is Lexatrade a legit company?

Lexatrade is legit, Kingsley Cole is a good expert

he explained to me exactly what I need to know, I deposited the minimum amount 250$ required using Mpesa, I doing extremely well so far. Lexatrade is a legit company.