What is Backend Developer? Skills Need for Web Development

Besides, it would help if you also had a grasp on non-relational databases and relational databases . In India, a backend developer makes an average income of 7,10,000 rupees. To view backend developer salaries in your region, use the location filter. He should also know site/software compliance requirements for security and accessibility. The applicant will be familiar with Linux, MySQL, and Apache, in addition to Flask and SQLAlchemy. Though both are important to web development, they differ in their roles and responsibilities.

  • There are two types of databases available in the market – SQL, and NoSQL.
  • Hence, the lack of knowledge about the algorithm can damper your chances of getting employed as a backend developer.
  • There are countless routes an aspiring development professional can take to hone their skill set.
  • To hire developers who have multidisciplinary skills; that versatility is the major reason that cross-functional “full stack” developers can be so attractive in the hiring pool.

However, if you are pre-programmed, nothing prevents you from working as a backend developer. However, it is worth knowing what skills are worth acquiring and… how to reach them. Fortunately, nowadays knowledge is literally at your fingertips.

C++ vs Java | 20 Key Differences between C++ and Java in 2023

It can also be used to build small application modules for web pages. Java automates garbage collection and memory management, and it allows users to safely modify a program while it’s running. Coordinate with frontend developers and develop server-side algorithms to transfer data efficiently to the client-side web applications.

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How ChatGPT and generative AI will affect IT operations.

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Java is known for its ease of use and its rich set of libraries. The Java Development Kit provides everything a developer needs to get started with Java, including a compiler, a debugger, and a wide variety of tools. This blog helps you to understand how to become a back-end developer, what are its roles and responsibilities, salary, and many more. Indeed reports the average back-end developer salary as about $115,000, while Glassdoor reports the average as around $82,000. Finally, Ajjan spends time documenting his work so he and his team can refer back to it.

Back-end Developer Requirements:

He/She should also be proficient in relational and non-relational databases . Ruby On RailsRuby – Ruby is a dynamic, open-source, high-level programming language. Website BackendWhen you click the submit button after filling in your details, they are sent to the server that then processes your data and stores it in the database.

Back-end Engineer skills

Oracle developers work with multiple programming languages such as C, Java, C++, and SQL. There is also a programming language mainly created for Oracle development called PL/SQL. Oracle developers should have multiple certifications that validate their level of expertise and specializations.

Knowledge of Backend Programming Languages

If your firm expects a lot of teamwork, you can’t have a developer who doesn’t get along with others – they won’t work out if they don’t match your company’s culture. They study industry trends, create or improve back-end processes and codes, and work with others to design a better program. A widely-used programming language, Python is easy to learn for beginners and has many modules and libraries that allow for robust programming. It is popular for web development, scientific computing, data analysis, artificial intelligence, etc. Python is a versatile language that you can use on the backend, frontend, or full stack of a web application.

The most significant compensation you can procure in Hyderabad is around 8.44 lac for each annum. South Florida Bay Area is on the list with the most number of organizations employing backend engineers. SF Bay Area has 612 organizations searching for backend engineers. New York with 368 and Boston with 144 complete the best three.


Though both are crucial to web development, they differ in their roles, responsibilities, and the environments they work in. The front end is simply what users see whereas the back end is how everything is working behind the front end. Java – Java is an object-oriented, platform-independent, and general-purpose programming language.

Back-end Engineer skills

All of this is currently done manually and is not driven by AI. As a result, skilled and experienced back-end developers are in great demand. Efficient communication and project management skills are important for a backend developer to create a better solution or a program https://wizardsdev.com/ for a better user experience. Good knowledge of backend systems and motivation to learn by yourself is always a pro for a backend developer. Programming languages like Python, Java, SQL, NoSQL, and tools like Git, Postman are core skills for backend developers.

Team up with Front-end engineers to incorporate client using components with server-side logic. Partake in the whole application lifecycle, most importantly in coding and finding the bugs. Learn what it’s like to be a back-end developer at Lyft with Lyft’s Back-End Back-end Engineer job Engineering Virtual Experience Program. Discover if this is the right career path for you with a free virtual work experience. You need a certain measure of ambition to pursue the continuing education fundamental to a successful career in web development.

Back-end Engineer skills